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Pandam's Popup Shop is a shop managed by Pandam. It becomes available from Day 7 on.

Pandam sells food and decorations and comes every Wednesday. He stays on the island all day and can be found on the shoreline.


Pandam sells some items in stacks of 6. The price listed under "Cost" is the price for the stack of 6 items. However, the decorations are sold individually.

Pandam never stocks common or uncommon decorations; everything he offers is rare or higher on the rarity scale.

Item Quantity Cost
egg Egg 2 stacks of 6 654 Copper coin
Boiled egg Boiled egg 6 7,777 Copper coin
Deviled egg Deviled egg 1 16,201 Copper coin
Salt Salt 6 3,600 Copper coin
Onion Onion 6 3,600 Copper coin
Cocoa bean Cocoa bean 6 540 Copper coin
Decorations 6 Gems, prices vary

Decoration prices[]

The prices of decor sold by Pandam depend on the type of decoration and its rarity. The prices of decoration items at Pandam's Popup Shop are lower than at Decor and More or Kit's Canteen.

Item type[]

Item type Price
Item group 1
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3 gem
Item group 2 5 gem
Item group 3 8 gem
Antique 5 gem
Barrel 1 gem
Chair (basic set) 2 gem
Delights 2 gem
End table 2 gem
Fence 1 gem
Front gate 4 gem
Table or full table (basic set) 2 gem
Lamp (basic set) 6 gem
Large or small potted plant 2 gem
Large sculpture 15 gem
Ornament 2 gem
Planter 2 gem
Small sculpture 12 gem
Stool 2 gem
Themed lamp or torch 5 gem

Item rarity[]

Item rarity Currency used for purchase
Common quartz gemstone quartz gemstone
Uncommon Semi-precious gem semi-precious gem
Rare Precious gem precious gem
Utra rare (curious) Precious gem precious gem
Epic (mysterious) Precious gem precious gem
Legendary Noble jewel noble jewel
Mythical Royal gem royal gem

Version history[]

  • 3.0.0: Pandam now sells six decoration items instead of four.