Pandam's Popup Shop is a shop managed by Pandam. It becomes available from Day 7 on.

Pandam sells food and decorations and comes every Wednesday. He stays all day on the island and can be found on the shoreline.

Note: Pandam sells some items in "stacks" of 6. The price listed under "Cost" is the price for the stack of 6 items.

Quantity Item Cost Notes
6 Egg 648 Copper coin There are sometimes (always?) two stacks of 6 eggs for sale
6 Boiled Egg 7,777 Copper coin
1 Deviled Egg 16,201 Copper coin
6 Salt 3,601 Copper coin
6 Onion 3,601 Copper coin
4 (decorations are sold individually) Decorations Gemstones (quartz, semi-precious, or precious), prices vary It looks like Pandam does not sell any "common" or "uncommon" decorations; everything is rated higher on the rarity scale.
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