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I sense dozens of wounded, restless spirits here. Desperate for help, but not conscious of it.


Flamey is the name of the Spirit Scout's anthropomorphic campfire. They are the first character interacted with in the game and have a pre-existing friendship with the Scout.



Flamey's main role is consuming spirit logs that the player obtains from other characters on the island, which allow Flamey to burn brighter and unlock new areas of Cozy Grove Island and allow the player to help new spirits.

If Flamey has consumed enough spirit logs, they will reach a new fire level which increases the area of brightness in the campsite and unveils a new portion of the island, along with a new spirit character to meet and help. There are at least 15 fire levels, with the player achieving the Log Burner badges when meeting level 2, 5, 10 and 15.

The number of spirit logs needed to level up increases with each level, and Flamey can advise the player how many more spirit logs they are able to consume that day and where to obtain them, such as by completing a quest, purchasing from Kit's Canteen, or if the player has a log in storage. They will also advise the player to "come back tomorrow" if all quests for the day have been completed and there are no more logs accessible at that time. Flamey's fire grows taller and fiercer as they get closer to leveling up, and they turn blue when they do so.

Rank Logs
Bear unlocked
2 1 Jeremy Gruffle
3 1 Captain Billweather Snout
Mr. Kit
4 2 Patrice Furbac
5 5 Francesca Duclaw
6 7 Allison Fisher
Unlocks the beach campground area
7 8 Valentina Oso-Fisher
8 12 Lee Berry Dennings
9 8 Arjun Bhalla
10 12 Octavia Cubbins
11 21 Clyde Wallace
Unlocks the north-western campground area
12 25 Bruin Tram
13 29 Ursula Pine
14 29 Ted Sapsen
15 40 Pius of Grizz
Unlocks the north-eastern campground area
16 47 Bearos the Third
Unlocks the south-eastern campground area
17 34 Dalia of Cosgrove
Unlocks the western campground area and the wishing well

Each spirit wood fed to Flamey after the last bear is unlocked rewards the player with some essence and quartz gemstones.


Flamey can also be used to access the player's tent, where they can move items from their backpack into storage to free up space.

See Tent for more details.


Flamey's final function is burning items to transform them into other items. When selecting this function, players can see which objects in their backpack are able to be burned, what the item will transform into, and how many of the transformed item the player will receive. These transformed items can then be used for crafting, repairs, completing quests, feeding pets, donating to Captain Snout's Collection, or selling.

See Burning for more details.


Level 1[]

Flamey greets the player after they arrive on the island.

How old are those starter logs, Scout? Tastes like a century at least!
So, where have you brought us this time?
Scout: A haunted, bear-infested island!
Flamey: An island of bears, you say?
The Handbook speaks of one such place. Cozy Grove.
Scout: Some place called Cozy Grove.
Flamey: Cozy Grove? I know the name.
I've licked it off old brochures, tossed into my embers.
Scout: I'm a little disoriented... not quite sure.
Flamey: Fine, be coy. I'll read the Scoutmaster's letter myself.
It's a little singed, but I think it says we're on Cozy Grove.
Flamey: I sense dozens of wounded, restless spirits here. Desperate for help, but not conscious of it.
This... doesn't seem like the sort of place young Spirit Scouts typically go for their first solitary excursion...
Ah well, if you were sent here, the Scouts must have been confident you'd be up to the task!
Are you ready to see what's out there, beyond my firelight?
Scout: Very ready.
Flamey: That's the Spirit!
Scout: I think so.
Flamey: Good enough!
Scout: What if I say no?
Flamey: Scout. You've been preparing for this overnight for years.
Of course you're nervous. That's natural.
But there's nothing to be worried about out there!

Flamey then sends the player to talk to Charlotte Pine.

Flamey: I see... the ghost of a Ranger, at the edge of the woods.
She's been waiting there a long, long time...
Don't be scared, Scout! Go introduce yourself.
After all... you're here to help!

Level 2[]

Flamey tells the player about how they can feed them with spirit wood to expand the island and introduces Jeremy Gruffle.

Flamey: This is Spirit Wood!
Where did you get this?
Scout: A ghost told me about it. / It was just sitting under a tree.
Scout: From a bear in a ranger suit.
Flamey: The bear in the ranger suit. I see.
Flamey: Well! First of all... thank you, it's delicious!
But the presence of Spirit Wood confirms my suspicions...
The haunting of Cozy Grove runs deep. There are many lost souls here in need of your help.
They can't rest until someone has helped them come to terms with their past lives.
They may not even remember who they are or how they died if enough time has elapsed since they passed away.
Ahhhhhhh...! That Spirit Wood has fully caught fire now. My light is expanding!
More of the island is waking. Lost places are being remembered.
I see... someone new. A crafter of useful things...

Level 3[]

Flamey introduces Mr. Kit and his canteen and talks about a new shoreline bear.

Flamey: Well done. My light is expanding again!
I now see... an old friend!
Mr. Kit has noticed our beacon, and set up his Canteen Shop!
Huh. He looks quite at home here...
But wait! There's more...
I see a strange and salty figure, standing on the shore.
And as he has arrived, something else has vanished! Something important...
Oh dear.
Best go see for yourself.

Level 4[]

Flamey introduces a new bear tasked with delivering lost things.

Flamey: Ah! Another healthy dose of positive spirit energy.
You're doing well, young Scout!
The more you help these ghosts, the more they will remember.
It may go slowly at first. But trust and understanding is not a thing you can manufacture quickly!
Help these bears. Guide them through remembering themselves. Eventually, they will find peace.
Ahhh... my light shines further. Illuminates lost corners in time...
I see another figure, absorbed with finding and delivering lost things to everyone but himself...
You two have that in common, I think?

Level 5[]

Flamey introduces a bear that looks like a tree.

Flamey: I'm getting hungrier for more Spirit Wood each time you feed me.
And that Spirit Wood is growing harder to find.
How can that be, when there are still so many needy shadows hiding in Cozy Grove?
I can feel at least 13 more lost souls, waiting to be helped.
Wait!! I see someone standing in a forest...
Or am I mistaken? Perhaps that's just an oddly-shaped tree...?

Level 6[]

Flamey introduces a bear that smells of fresh baked bread.

Flamey: Wonderful! My flame is roaring!
And there's an odor, wafting in from beyond.
Is that... fresh-baked bread? Huh. Usually such an irresistible smell, but not this time.
There are 12 lost souls still hidden on this island, and I think we've just uncovered one more!

Level 7[]

Flamey introduces a new town bear.

Flamey: You, my dear Spirit Scout, are the very incarnation of persistence! I salute you.
For days now, I've felt the pull of 11 still-hidden lost souls...
...but I couldn't locate any of them. Until now!
Oh yes. My light shines on long-lost houses. A town once thrived here!
It shriveled away, as small towns sometimes do. And when that happened, a part of her died, too.
She steps forward now, welcoming! Find her, and she will lead you onward...

Level 8[]

Flamey introduces a farm bear.

Flamey: Beyond the beach, the forest, and the town... I see fields.
Great expanses, but not empty.
A sprout shoots out of earth,
If you meet him, I'd avoid any corny jokes...

Level 9[]

Flamey introduces a confused bear.

Flamey: We are reaching the deepest shadows now!
Another figure appears at the edge of the fire, illuminated by the light of the Spirit Wood.
Hmm. He is deeply confused. Even moreso than the others!
Poor soul. He spent his life preserving everyone's memories, only to lose his own.
Can you help him?

Level 10[]

Flamey introduces an independent bear.

Flamey: My light is shining on the sea again.
She's waiting there. What a strong swimmer...
Listen carefully to this one, Scout. She needs your help, but she will not want it.
She learned the hard way not to depend on others.

Level 11[]

Flamey introduces a greedy bear and asks the player to be patient with him.

Flamey: My light extends further!
Until now, seven lost souls remained out of our reach.
Seven is usually a lucky number. But, hmm...
I'm afraid you won't feel lucky around this lost soul.
He reeks of arrogance and greed. He acquired everything and yet had nothing.
I feel pity for him, Scout. Have patience with this one...

Level 12[]

Flamey introduces another lost bear.

Flamey: My light expands once again! It shines on... concrete? And barbed wire?
What sort of creature brings such ugliness with them to a sleepy little island?
I can't make sense of what I'm seeing...
This soul is not merely confused or lost, like the others.
It is completely disconnected from reality!
Your work is cut out for you, Scout.

Level 13[]

Flamey introduces a caring bear who wants to help other spirits.

Flamey: A little brighter, a little hotter. Good!
Huh. Would you look at that. How nice.
It appears that you're due for a change of pace, Scout.
Cozy Grove has asked so much of you. And you have kindly tended to its spirits.
But you're not the only one who wishes to do so.
Go, walk in her garden. I think you'll have a lot to talk about...

Level 14[]

Flamey introduces a new bear.

Flamey: So close. My light nearly reaches the farthest tips of the island now!
Oh. Oh dear.
This next soul will be... a test of sorts, Scout.
I cannot say more.
Go. Find them. Listen to them.

Level 15[]

Flamey introduces the first of the long lost souls of the island.

Flamey: At last! My light has begun to touch the lost, ancient places of this island.
Hidden for hundreds, maybe thousands of years? Who can say.
Only three souls remain. They've been lost for so long!
One of them has stepped forward. I do not know if it will even be able to communicate.
Go and welcome them to the new world, Scout.

Level 16[]

Flamey introduces a royal bear.

Flamey: So close... just a little bit more, and I will have lit everything!
Oh! Would you look at that...
It's not every day that my flame illuminates royalty.
Don't forget to bow when you meet this one, Scout.

Level 17[]

Flamey says they illuminated the whole island now and introduces an angry soul.

Flamey: It is done!! I have illuminated the whole of this island.
Be proud, Scout. This is an unrivaled accomplishment for a person your age.
Don't let it go to your head, of course. Nobody likes that.
And, ah, I do believe I've just spotted the last of the island's lost souls!
Ooh... I think this one will be a handful. Full of fury and conviction.
The angriest souls are often the hardest ones to reach. Be patient with her.

Version history[]

  • 1.8.0: Stop showing Flamey in the quest log once they are max level. Mr. Kit stops selling logs when Flamey is max level.