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Tis a strange thing to be a Seagull Bear. My two halves have precious little in common. Except of course, for a love of fish.

Captain Billweather Snout

Captain Billweather Snout is the third bear the player meets after arriving on Cozy Grove Island. He is a Seagull Bear who lives on the beach on Cozy Grove Island. He maintains a collection of all of the items encountered on the island. He is a Shoreline Spirit, referred to as the Seagull Bear.


The Captain is a fan of his grog, and it seems he may have a bit of a drinking problem. He seems preoccupied with the idea of monsters beneath the waves, and sometimes asks for paper and a bottle so he can write his history.

Scoutmaster Blake refers to a captain in the fourteenth letter he sends you. Assuming the story is true and that it refers to Captain Billweather Snout (these things seem likely), the Captain was responsible for the deaths of multiple ferry passengers, including children, during an accident that was deemed 'extreme negligence' due to him being drunk at the time of the accident.


See Captain Snout's Collection for more details.

Once the player completes the Captain's fourth story quest, they will be able to donate eligible items to his collection for a reward. Each eligible item can be donated once. Most items in the game are collectable.

The collections can be browsed anytime by speaking with the Captain.


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  1. Fishing rod Captain Billweather Snout, the Seagull Bear, used to pilot the Cozy Grove ferry. His story is quite fascinating... or so he claims.
  2. Grog mug It seems Captain Snout was a heavy drinker when he was alive. You might be feeding his dependency even more, but surely there's no harm in getting a ghost drunk?
  3. Photo Captain Snout was dashingly handsome in his youth. He's even got the photographic evidence to prove it.
  4. Adult blood bird charm Seagull Bear was not always a Seagull, but he's relating to his fellow bears less and less. So he's adopted a new feathery companion: Pollymore.
  5. Captain's hat As a young bear, he won a drinking contest against Mr. Kit. He gained more than he bargained for: a ship that carried the living (and the dead) back and forth from Cozy Grove.
  6. rope Bill thought a captain's life would mean freedom. Instead the job made him lonely. His drinking increased.
  7. steering wheel One foggy evening, after a few too many, Captain Snout crashed the ferry on the shore. There were no living passengers that night, but many visiting ghosts were stranded on the island.
  8. compass Captain Snout couldn't face his friend, the Ranger, after the disastrous crash of his ferry. Guilt-ridden, he looks for ways to make amends.
  9. spirit mastwood Captain Snout's ferry never left Cozy Grove again. In the afterlife, however, he did redeem himself by helping one brave Spirit Scout to restore their boat and return home.

List of quests[]

Every day, Captain Billweather Snout has a chance to give the player a quest, provided he has no quest active. The quest can be started by speaking to Captain Billweather Snout.

If Captain Billweather Snout is ghostly blue and his area is not colored, he will give the player a story quest. If Captain Billweather Snout is colored but his area is not, he will give the player a daily quest. If both Captain Billweather Snout and his area are colored, he will not give any quests, but the player can still converse with him to listen to some gossip or occasionally advance his story.

Story quests are untimed and advance Captain Billweather Snout's story, allowing the player to learn more about him, fill his heart meter, and restore his memories. Some story quests require the player to collect a lot of resources or help other bears to get quest items. The story quests often give spirit logs as rewards.

Non-story quests have a time limit, do not provide any story development, and give random rewards. There are no penalties for letting a timed quest expire.

Some quests require the player to find items hidden on the island. The hidden objects spawn after the player accepts the quest, with hints on their location provided in the quest menu. If the player has trouble locating the item, they can get a hint from Charlotte Pine for 100Copper coin.

Story quests[]

# Requested items Reward
1 fishing rod fishing rod (20Copper coin) none
2 leatherskin 1 fish spirit wood 1 spirit wood
3 feather 5 feather (hidden item) spirit wood 1 spirit wood
4 icon clothing shirt rare 1 sea captain's sweater (250Copper coin)
feather 5 feather (hidden item)
spirit wood 1 spirit wood
Collection unlocked
5 leatherskin 3 uncommon fish spirit wood 1 spirit wood
6 grog mug 1 grog mug (quest item from other bears) spirit wood 1 spirit wood
7 tea egg 1 tea egg
spirit imp essence 1 spirit imp essence
poison mushroom 1 poison mushroom
spirit wood 1 spirit wood
8 feather 15 feather (hidden item) spirit wood 1 spirit wood
9 photo 1 photo (quest item from Arjun) spirit wood 1 spirit wood
10 icon clothing hat rare 1 sea captain's hat (500Copper coin) spirit wood 1 spirit wood
11 adult spectral bird charm 1 adult bird spirit wood 1 spirit wood
12 porgy 10 rare fish spirit wood 1 spirit wood
13 unseeing one 3 legendary fish
potato donut 1 potato donut
ketchup 10 ketchup (hidden item)
spirit wood 1 spirit wood
14 grog mug 3 grog mug (quest item from other bears) spirit wood 1 spirit wood
15 steering wheel 1 steering wheel (quest item from Lee) spirit wood 1 spirit wood
scout badge 1 Scout badge (later day)
16 spyglass 1 spyglass (hidden item) spirit wood 1 spirit wood
17 hardwood 150 hardwood
iron ingot 150 iron ingot
relic ash 25 relic ash
spirit wood 1 spirit wood
18 spirit mastwood 1 spirit mastwood
life vest 1 life vest (hidden item)
compass 1 compass (hidden item)
spirit wood 1 spirit wood
Unlocks the player's sailboat

Daily quests[]

Every daily quest has a chance to give the player a spirit wood or a crafting recipe for a random decoration in addition to regular reward.

Requested items Possible reward
Faux-shrimp 2 common critter 3-5 quartz gemstone
cocoa bean 3 cocoa bean (possible hidden item) collapsed lungfish 1 rare or legendary fish
ordinary sucker 5 common fish 500Copper coin
1 jar (hidden item)
paper 3 paper (hidden item)
spiteful cusk 1 rare or legendary fish
calico clam smooth 1 uncommon shell
ordinary sucker 3 common fish
500-1,500Copper coin


Every day, when Captain Billweather Snout has no quest active, the player can chat with him for some random gossip. Captain Billweather Snout can give the player advice or tell a little about himself or other bears.

Chatting with Captain Billweather Snout does not advance his story.

After the player chats with Captain Billweather Snout once, they can ask him for a hug.

Captain: Ahoy there, young sailor. Ye know, I haven't mentioned it, but it's true:
I like the cut of yer jib.
Yer mizzen staysail, however, needs a bit o' work if you ask me.
But don't feel bad! We all need a bit o' work somewhere, don't we?
Captain: On the old ships, the Captain would keep the deckhands busy with pointless chores.
Like scrubbin' the decks with holystones and flogging 'em dry. Kept 'em out of trouble!
Given how me story turned out, I can't help but wonder...
Would I have made a better deckhand than a sea captain?
Captain: Consortin' with old sea dogs, ye might hear some tall tales from time to time.
Treachorous sea monsters rending a barky in two like it was snappin' a toothpick. That sort of thing.
But don't pay 'em no heed! And listen well when I tell ye where the real monsters lie.
The real monsters are on the ship.
Captain: Aye, young sailor, a riddle for ye: Why is it called a 'dog watch'?
Because it's cur-tailed! HARRR HAR HAR HARRR HAR!
I apologize, I can't help but partake in a bit of nautical humor to lighten the mood from time to time.
Captain: I might often ask for fish, little castaway.
But before ye get too annoyed, just be thankful I don't have a taste for weevils.
Captain: Aye, 'tis true that my reputation is of a grog-drinkin' hardy.
But I've been known to partake of the finer things as well. A case of rare Madeira, for example.
'Course, the finer things'll give ye a crushing hangover just the same as the cheap stuff.
Captain: When ye snag a rare fish on yer line, don't go sellin' it straight to Mr. Kit, ye hear me?
I'll pay ye handsomely for filling out this collection o' mine.
Captain: If a fish is givin' yer hook the cold shoulder, try re-castin' it.
Some o' these scurvy dogs won't bite 'less ye get smack in the middle o' in their line'a sight.
Captain: Remember, sailor: don't swing yer rod too close to a fish when ye cast, or ye might scare 'em right off.

Story quests expanded[]

A fishing rod[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
fishing rod
1 ocean fishing rod

The player first meets Captain on the beach reciting his origins.

Captain: In life, I was a bear o' the sea.
I sped from Cozy Grove to the main and back again, a hundred times over.
Unnatural, some said, for a bear to fly 'twixt the waves as I did!
But did I listen? No, I did not.
And now... I am transformed.
Avast, young person! How long have ye been standin' there?!
Ye caught me recitin' my origins.
I am Captain Billweather Snout. Though some now call me The Seagull Bear.
Scout: Pleased to meet you, Billweather.
Captain: I don't know as we've reached a first name basis, young sailor.
Captain will do.
Scout: So are you a bear? Or a seagull?
Captain: A bit of both. SQUAWK!
Scout: Ahoy, Captain!
Captain: Ahoy indeed!
Captain: Tis a strange thing to be a Seagull Bear. My two halves have precious little in common.
Except of course, for a love of fish.
Speakin' of... are ye hungry, young sailor?
Fetch me a fishin' rod, and I'll show ye what's on the menu...

The fishing rod can be purchased at Kit's Canteen for 20 Copper coin. After the player brings it to Captain, Captain asks them to catch him a fish.

Captain: Aye, sailor, that will do.
That will do nicely.
Well, what are ye waitin' for?
If ye want to find us a proper meal, ye're goin' to have to pluck it from the deep yerself!
Take that rod and catch us a whopper!

A fishing lesson[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
spirit wood

Next the player is tasked with catching a fish. They can talk to the Captain again for a fishing lesson.

Captain: Har. Supposin' ye want some fishin' lessons, then?
Very well.
Select yer fishin' rod then use the Hold In Hand button to equip it.
Drag back on the rod and release to cast the line! Hold the rod in your hand, Hold throw and a direction, then release to cast.
Try it for yerself, young sailor.

When the player delivers the fish to the Captain, they both notice the player's boat is gone.

Captain: Ah, a fine fin ye've managed to dredge up there. Good eatin'.
I think ye and I will have plenty of time for fishin'... that yer boat's washed out to sea!
Scout: My boat did WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?
Captain: Oh yes. A loose knot and a fickle tide was all it took to send yer vessel on its merry way back to Neptune's bosom.
Don't blame yerself. This island's a maelstrom of ill fortunes, churned by our wretched tales of ghostly woe.
Until we spirits find a measure of peace... none may leave this place.
So young sailor... though ye're a living Scout, and I'm a ghost, we have somethin' in common...
We're both stranded here on Cozy Grove.
Whatever plans ye had of solvin' all our ghostly problems in a single evening?
Put 'em out of yer mind.
We bears aren't yer overnight project anymore. We're yer neighbors. SQUAWK!

The player also receives a spirit wood from the Captain.

Captain's feathers[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
spirit wood

The Captain is cold and wants the player to gather the feathers scattered across the island.

Captain: A chill wind blows ashore.
Ghost that I am, it blows clean through me, sendin' a shiver through my bones and my very soul.
A few more feathers under my coat might soften the breeze a bit. Too bad I just molted...

Five feathers can be found hidden on the island. After the player collects and delivers them, the Captain gives them a spirit wood.

Captain: SQUAWK! That's a fine set o' feathers!
But why bother helpin' me, little castaway, when ye have such troubles of yer own?
Scout: Just being neighborly.
Captain: Har! Neighborly.
Ye might find some what put stock in that concept, here on Cozy Grove.
But it doesn't mean much to us birds. Still, I thank ye.
Scout: You give a quest, I do it, you reward me. That's the way this works.
Captain: Oho! A pragmatist, with a touch of sass.
Ye'll do well on these shores, sailor.
Captain: With these bits o' fluff paddin' my coat, the wind's bite does lose its teeth.
But bundled so, a rule of the afterlife comes to me, clear as white rum...
Even in death, ye cannot re-feather yer wings.

Captain's sweater[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
icon clothing shirt rare
spirit wood

The Captain is still cold. He wonders if Mr. Kit could help and asks the player to buy him a sweater.

Captain: That ill wind is back.
I've been stuffin' feathers in my coat all mornin', to no avail.
If I can't get warmth from some quarter soon, I'll have to give up my dramatic seaward posture.
SQUAWK! I wonder... if he could help?
Scout: Who?
Captain: Why the Merchant of Mischief, Trickster of Terra Firma, my constant tormentor...
...Mr. Kit.
Some say he sells wares what can cure a captain of his shivers...
But perhaps those are just fisherman's tales.

The sweater can be purchased at Kit's Canteen for 250 Copper coin, and the feathers can be found scattered across the island.

After the player delivers the items, Captian tells them about his item collection and gives them a spirit wood.

Captain: So! The rumors were true...
If that fox sells wares as fine as these, I'll permit him to haunt the drydocks. For now.
Yes, indeed... the chill is fadin' already. This is a wing-warmer of the finest quality.
I think I'll add it to my cabinet o' the mind.
Scout: What's a cabinet o' the mind?
Captain: Why, every explorer worth their salt has a cabinet o' the mind!
Though some of the less lyrical among them might call it an item collection. SQUAWK!
It's an imaginary box I use to track the doodads, welps and gollywhuts I've come across in my travels.
Once ye have the idea, ye can easily imagine an item collection of yer own.
Scout: Right. Is this item collection even real?
Captain: As real as you want it to be.
Scout: OK, I'm imagining it...
Captain: Ah, I see it taking shape! Anythin' ye'd like to donate..?

After this quest is completed, the player can start donating items to Captain Snout's Collection and check their collection anytime by talking to the Captain.

A three course meal[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
3 uncommon fish
spirit wood

The Captain is hungry. He asks the player to bring him three uncommon fish:

Captain: Did ye know that ghosts can eat, young sailor?
Oh yes. The hunger of the livin' is nothin' compared to my monstrous appetites. SQUAWK!
Scout: That's fascinating!
Captain: Glad you think so.
Scout: Ghosts can eat? I have a hard time believing that.
Captain: Har, I'll admit, it takes some doin' to digest a meal in a phantom gut.
Scout: Sounds like you're about to send me on an errand...
Captain: Not much gets by you, does it young sailor?
Captain: This is my roundabout way of askin' ye a favor.
I have an awful cravin' for a Three Course Meal.
Fish for the entree, fish for the main, and finally, fish for dessert!
Captain: Unfortunately, not any fish will do. My appetite is tragically particular.
I'll need three fish that are uncommon or better.
Ye do know how to check a fish's rarity, don't ye?
Scout: Yes I do!
Captain: Excellent.
Scout: No, I don't...
Captain: Don't worry, it's simple enough.
Just tap / select / click on a fish in your inventory.
Captain: Now off ye go! Catch me my courses, on the double!

After the player delivers the fish, the Captain gives them a spirit wood.

Captain: Ah, at last... a three course meal!
Have ye ever tried snappin' a rare fish in yer beak and lettin' it slide down yer gullet?
My inner bird thanks ye, young sailor. Ye've set me right.

A mug of grog[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
grog mug
spirit wood

The Captain is having a hard time and asks the player to bring him a mug of grog to drown his troubles.

Captain: It isn't easy, is it?
Bein' stranded here, no hope of rescue, with naught but spirits for company.
Scout: Yeah. The struggle is real.
Captain: No doubt, young sailor. No doubt.
Scout: This is exactly what I trained for. I'm doing fine!
Captain: Aye, the Spirit Scouts taught ye the skills to scratch out a life, and to treat with death itself.
Scout: Ugh. Thanks for reminding me...
Captain: I'm not one to see clouds but speak of sunshine.
Captain: The sea has taught me that if ye ignore bad weather, it will be yer end.
Patience. SQUAWK! Patience is the greatest challenge.
In life, only one thing helped me through the long stretches of gray...
A mug of grog.

A grog mug can be received from other bears as a reward for completing their story quests. When the player delivers in to the Captain, the Captain drinks it and gives the player a spirit wood in exchange.

Captain: Ah. My patience is rewarded... with liquid patience.
Ye're a fine hic! friend, to help me drown my troubles so.
Though in my hic! experience, trouble doesn't stay beneath the waves hic! for long...

A hangover cure[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
tea egg
spirit imp essence
poison mushroom
spirit wood

The Captain is hangover and asks for the player's help.

Captain: My head...
No speeches. No questions. Just make me this.

The Captian needs three items: a tea egg (can be cooked by Allison Fisher), a spirit imp essence (can be obtained by helping imps), and a poison mushroom (can be found in a leaf pile).

After the player delivers the items, the Captain feels good enough to talk and gives the player a spirit wood.

Captain: GULP.
Aha! That's made a significant improvement to my state of affairs!
Thanks to ye, young sailor. A fool-proof cure for an overzealous night, that is. SQUAWK!
Sadly, there is no simple cure for my shame..
How could I have made the same mistake in death as I did in life?
I'll be ponderin' that one for quite a while...

More feathers[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
spirit wood

The grog has caused the Captain to molt. He asks the player to gather his feathers.

Captain: SQUAWK. That grog's caused me to molt at an alarmin' rate!
These are yer captain's orders, young sailor...
Gather my feathers, on the double, before I freeze!

Fifteen feathers can be found scattered across the island. The player can return them to the Captain in exchange for a spirit wood.

Captain: My feathers! Now I'll just take some glue and... SQUAWK?!
Some of these feathers don't match my plumage.
Could there be other birds on this island?
The thought of fellow beaks here on Cozy Grove... warms me more than a hundred feathers!

A photo[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
spirit wood

The Captain wants the player to find something to remind his of his past life.

Captain: Ye've clothed me and fed me, young sailor.
And now, I find meself one rung higher on Grizlow's heirarchy of nautical needs. SQUAWK!
Or, to put it plainer... I'm wonderin' about what it all means.
What brought me to this shore, to stare broodin' towards the waves, day after day?
Who was I, before my hauntin' began?

The photo of the Captain can be received from Arjun Bhalla after completing one of his story quests. After the player delivers it, the Captain remembers his youth.

Captain: Aye, that's me! SQUAWK!
A dashin' young bear. Full of vim, vigor and obscure nautical trivia.
Oh, I knew the depth of the Mariana Trench, the difference between a bark and a barquentine, and the average width of a moon jelly's cap.
This photo here was taken on my 23rd birthday.
And I was borrowin' that hat... from the first captain of the Ferry...

The player receives a spirit wood and the third of the Captain's mementos.

A new hat[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
icon clothing hat rare
spirit wood
icon clothing hat rare
1 sea captain's hat

The Captain asks the player to buy him a new hat.

Captain: I've been starin' at that picture ya gave me.
And it comes to me, plain as a skipjack in a squall...
This old hat on my noggin needs replacin'!
Can ye stitch me a fresh captain's cap?

The hat can be purchased at Kit's Canteen for 500Copper coin. After the player delivers it, the Captain gives them his old hat and a spirit wood.

Captain: Ah yes. A fresh-stitched, crisp cap.
At last I can be free of the tattered, salt-smeared buoy currently floatin' on my brow.
Take it. Cast it into the waves, if ye like.
And if the waves won't have it, ye can sell it back to Mr. Kit.
I'm sure the old fox will be pleased to see I've given it up.

A new friend[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
young demon bird charm
1 young bird
spirit wood

The Captain wants a pet bird to talk with.

Captain: Avast! Ghostly bears, as far as the eye can see.
Spectral furballs, bumblin' across the land, yawnin' their tales through jaws and teeth.
I have no kinship with these mammals.
But if I had a friend of beak and wing to parlay with... aye, that would be a fine thing.

After the player delivers the bird, the Captain is happy and gives them a spirit wood.

Captain: A fellow avian! SQUAWK!
Settle in, little bird.
Ye and I, we're goin' to be fast friends!

This also unlocks the Captain's fourth memory.

A few days after giving the Captain a bird, the player can approach him to find him talking.

Captain: Hello, my fine friend.
Scout: Hello! / Um... hello?
Captain: Not ye, young sailor! I'm speakin' to my fine feathered friend.
Indeed, Pollymore. Indeed.
Up 'til now, I've been quite stoic.
A silent captain, unwillin' to say more than was absolutely necessary.
Well, that ends now! It's high time I shared my tale.
It's in the long tradition of nautical literary work, full of tragic metaphor and sentences more tangled than any sailor's knot...
...wait. Where was I? Have I started yet?
Arr. I've practiced tellin' this tale in my head so many times... it was always so forceful and dramatic.
But I see now that I'm missin' somethin'. Somethin' important.
Indeed. I'm sure the answer will come to me in time.

Rare fish[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
10 rare fish
spirit wood

The Captain wants to eat some rare or legendary fish before starting with his tale.

Captain: Aha, young sailor! I figured out how to begin my story!
A strong openin' line.... fishin' line that is.
I always think clearer on a stomach full of rare fish.
Catch us a seafood feast... and I'll tell ye and Pollymore a tale that could turn the tides of yer fortune.

After the player delivers the fish, the Captain starts telling his story and gives the player a spirit wood.

Whoops, how rude of me! One for ye, Pollymore.
Now, at last I have it. The beginnin' of my tale...
Hardly a soul survived the accident. Not even mine.
Huh? Ye want me to continue my story, do ye?
Arr, I see. One good line isn't enough.
Well then. I'll tell ye the next part... soon.

A few days later the player finds the Captain telling his story to Pollymore.

Captain: Arr, I've been tellin' Pollymore my tale.
Ye've missed the part where I describe all possible configurations of a ship's riggin'. SQUAWK!
But ye're just in time to hear about how I became Captain of the Cozy Ferry.
I'll continue.
So, the ol' Captain said... Ye've won our little contest.
Indeed I belched. I'll take yer hat then. And yer boat!
Yer doin' me a favor, the ol' Captain replied with a twitch of his bushy tail...
...there's more to this job than ye'd guess...
But I was not interested in his guessin' games. I was interested in two things.
First, sleepin' off the twenty-eight mugs of grog I'd just consumed.
And second, I wanted a captain's freedom. The freedom to come and go as I please.
Did the old fox tell me about the souls that I'd be ferryin', along with my livin' passengers?
...If he did, I was far too drunk to hear it.

This unlocks the Captain's fifth memory and comic.

A biscuit for Pollymore[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
unseeing one
3 legendary fish
potato donut
spirit wood

Captain wants to make a treat for Pollymore before continuing his tale.

Captain: I've told Pollymore some of my most memorable adventures as Captain o' the ferry.
The Merman's Squall, the Kipper of Fortune, the Mysterious Floatin' Quand'ry...
And yet, I sense her interest is flagging.
Ah, of course. Listenin' is hungry work!
She'll be needin' a fish biscuit, ye hear?

The Captain asks for three legendary fish, a potato donut (can be cooked by Allison Fisher; the Captain will give the player the recipe if they do not know it yet), and ten bottles of ketchup hidden on the island. After the player delivers the items, the Captain gives them a spirit wood and continues his tale.

Captain: Ye've done it! A fish biscuit.
What do ye say, Pollymore?
Ready to hear what happened next?
Har! Good. Now, where was I?
Ah, yes. That was the mornin' I decided to check the joists.
Ye can never be too careful with joists. A thousand things can go wrong with 'em.
I'll tell ye about each one, in turn...

More grog mugs[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
grog mug
spirit wood

The Captain feels stuck and thinks some grog will help him.

Captain: Ye know, I sometimes wonder if my story's goin' anywhere. If there's any point.
Scout: I enjoy your stories.
Captain: Glad to hear it, young sailor.
But I can't deny, the wind's out of my sails.
Scout: I've been wonderin' that myself. / Sounds like you're havin' a bad day.
Captain: Perhaps I'm just stuck.
Ye know what always helps me feel un-stuck?
A mug of grog. Or better yet, three.

Three grog mugs can be received from other bears for completing their story quests. The player can bring them to the Captain in exchange for a spirit wood.

SQUAWK! Now that's more hic like it!!
SQUAWK! I see exactly how the story goes. I'm an adventurer! A hero!
I hic outwitted that fox, I commandeered his ship, and I got exactly the life I wanted! SQUAWK!
A sea life, free of responsibilities! SQUhicAWK!
Free of this old island, free of old hic ghosts. Free of old friends.

This unlocks the Captain's sixth memory.

The next day the Captain is embarrassed to remember he had a drinking problem when he was alive.

Captain: Pollymore. I did it again, didn't I?
I... I overdid it.
It happened the same way when I was alive.
The sea's so wide, I thought to myself. This boat practically steers itself.
All I have to do is stand here.
What's the harm in a pint of grog, now and again?
Or a few? Or a few more?

Steering wheel[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
steering wheel
1 steering wheel
spirit wood
Scout badge
1 Scout badge (later day)

The Captain's story is nearing its end, he only needs his steering wheel.

Captain: Not a soul survived the accident.
Well, I think my story's nearin' its end, Pollymore.
It ends, neatly enough, where it begins. With a wheel.

The steering wheel can be obtained from Lee Berry Dennings for completing one of his story quests. Once the player delivers it to the Captain, he tells them how he crashed his ferry.

Captain: There it is. The ferry's wheel.
For weeks the boat had seemed... empty. Empty goin', empty returning.
No one cared to visit Cozy Grove in those days.
That night... I'd had too much grog. That's for sure.
I looked for the island... and I couldn't find it.
I'm not lost, I shouted. The island's lost!
And then there they were. Familiar rocks, risin' out of the waves. Too close. Too fast...
I spun that wheel, around and around and around. The boat lurched.
No direction. A pointless, blubberin' thing at the mercy of the tides.
...much like me.

The player is rewarded with a spirit wood and unlocks the Captain's seventh memory and comic.

Several days later the Captain continues his story and gives the player a Scout badge for Charlotte.

Captain: Not a soul survived that accident.
Do ye want to hear how it all ended?
Scout: Yes. I love a good shipwreck story.
Captain: That ship would never sail again, of course.
It was wrecked on the shore. In time, the tides would eat it away to crab-food.
But on that day, I, Billweather Snout, Captain and sole livin' passenger, leapt from the deck of the Cozy Ferry and onto the shore.
Little did I know, invisible spirits were abandonin' the boat as well. Vacationers, visitin' their old lives.
With the ferry broken, they'd be stranded there.
I stood on the beach, lookin' out at the water. I dared not face the land.
For there waited the last of the livin' bears of Cozy Grove. Stranded by my drunken mistake.
A motley crew of leftovers, to be sure. An old photographer, and a crackpot in a cabin.
And my dear friend, the Ranger, Charlotte Pine.
I could not face what I'd done to her.
So instead I stared seaward, watched the gulls circlin' in the new mornin' sky.
How very free they looked!
I watched them as the freezin' water lapped at my feet. My teeth chattered until I couldn't feel my lips.
Not a soul survived the accident.
None of those spirits on the ship, nor those bears on land, ever left this place again.
Take this. Give it to her, when the time's right.
Scout: Sounds grisly. I'd rather not.
Captain: That's yer right, young sailor.
Perhaps some tales are better left untold.
Instead of a tale... take this. Give it to her, when the time's right.

This conversation also unlocks the Captain's eighth memory.

A spyglass[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
spirit wood

The Captain asks the player to find him a spyglass.

Captain: Ye've heard what I've done.
And still ye visit me here. Why?
Scout: Everyone makes mistakes. / I like your stories. / Force of habit, I guess?
Captain: Har! A fine answer. Squawk!
Perhaps it's time I start lookin' forward instead of broodin' over old tales.
Fetch me a spyglass. Let's see what's on the horizon, shall we?

The spyglass can be found hidden on the island. Once the player brings it to the Captain, he rewards them with a spirit wood.

Captain: Ah,
There's somethin' floatin' in on the tide.
But it's not my ship... it's yers.

Basic repairs[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
iron ingot
relic ash
spirit wood

The captain offers the player to fix their boat and needs some materials.

Captain: Yer boat has seen better days.
It's in no condition to sail off this island.
Ye know, I had a boat stranded on these shores once. A tragedy of my own making, and one I never did set right.
Scout: I know. You already told me that story.
Captain: Indeed I did. But this isn't my story now, is it?
Scout: It's hopeless, isn't it? / Maybe you can help me?
Captain: Ye know, ye've done more than listen. Ye've given a lot to this old seabird since ye've arrived.
Ye've fetched me food, clothing, even a feathered friend.
And ye've asked for naught in return.
It's time I returned the favor.
Bring me the necessary supplies, and I promise...
I'll fix yer ship.

The Captain needs 150 hardwood, 150 iron ingots, and 25 relic ashes to start working. Once the player collects the materials and delivers them to the Captain, the Captain gives them a spirit wood in return and asks to come back later.

Captain: Well done. Squawk! Well done indeed.
Now I'm no Maker Bear. But I believe I can take these materials and get ye floatin' again.
Come back soon, and ye'll see.

Final repairs[]

Captain Billweather Snout needs:
spirit mastwood
1 spirit mastwood
life vest
spirit wood

The Captain needs a few more items to repair the player's boat.

Captain: Arr. I've gotten quite close to a seaworthy vessel.
But it seems I've made the same mistake as a ghost that I did as a livin' bear...
I tried to do it alone.
There are a few things I'll need from my fellow ghosts, if I'm to finish this job...
First, a sturdy mast and sail, crafted together.
The mast must be made of the finest wood.
The sail must be stitched with businesslike precision.
Second, a lifevest that can protect ye from the terrors of the open water.
And of course, a compass. Don't know where ye'll find that.
I gave mine away, long ago, to a dear friend.
Good luck, young sailor.

The life vest and the compass can be found hidden on the island, the spirit mastwood requires the mastwood from Francesca and the sail from Clyde to craft. Once the player delivers everything to the Captain, he rewards them with a spirit wood and shows the repaired boat.

Captain: SQUAWK! Ye did it!
Ye found everythin' ye need to set out.
Even Charlotte's compass.
Look at her. As sea-worthy a vessel as I've ever seen.
When yer ready to set sail, give the order to yer first mate, Flamey. He'll see ye on yer way.
Ye might wish to say yer farewells to the other spirits before ye cast off.
Feels as though we've come to the end of a long journey.
Charlotte always spoke of freein' the last ghosts of the island. Releasin' them.
But now that I'm one'a those ghosts, I ain't so sure our tales need an ending.
I've changed, aye. But my story won't end here, just as yers won't when ye bid farewell to these shores.
Good luck to ye, young sailor. Mayhaps we'll meet again, SQUAWWWK!

Taking the boat[]

Badge Dependable Scout.png

After the boat is repaired, the player can take it to the mainland anytime by talking to Flamey. Taking the boat does not affect gameplay, since the player will return to the island after seeing the endgame sequence and the credits.

Before taking the boat, the player can talk to the bears about it to get unique lines:

Allison Fisher: I heard from Valentina that you finished repairing your boat.
Does this mean you'll be going soon? I'll miss having you as a taste-tester!
Arjun Bhalla: Sounds like you'll be on your way soon, eh, kid?
Off to the mainland, with your internets and clock vines and whatnot.
Well, goatspeed to ya, kid. You've been a fine neighbor!
Bearos the Third: An unfamiliar vessel sits at this island's harbor! Be they pirates, come to plunder the royal treasury?
Investigate this matter at once, young supplicant!
Bruin Tram: So. In the end, Big Water came and swallowed you up with its little schemes.
Boats? Pah! That's a false flag op if I ever saw one.
Fine, go sail off in your 'boat.' You'll be back. Trust me.
Charlotte Pine: You repaired your boat! I always knew you would do it someday.
So this is it, hm? Time to go home?
Just know you'll always be my favorite camper. You've helped us all so much.
Clyde Wallace: What's this I hear about you going into the boat repair business?
It's good to diversify your portfolio, kid. But you gotta remember your brand!
Building a multimedia empire? On brand. Going 'home' to your 'parents'? Not so much!
Ah, well. You'll be back. We both know you're meant for greater things, kid.
Dalia of Cosgrove: I see... The boat which now lingers at the water's edge must have been your doing.
My heart aches to bid farewell to a beloved comrade, but your choices are your own.
May your path lead you always toward freedom, and the freedom of others.
Francesca DuClaw: Is it true? You've made a tree that floats on water?
Melville was beside himself when we heard the news. Between you and me, I think he's a bit jealous.
It'll be sad to lose you, little fauna. warms my heart to think you'll be taking a piece of this island with you.
Jeremy Gruffle: So, Maker Buddy, sounds like you've become a true Repair Expert!
I suppose that means you'll be heading out soon, huh?
It'll be tough to see you go... But my crafting bench is here if you ever need it!
Lee Berry Dennings: I reckon you'll be headed out soon now that your boat's back together.
Don't you think it's too early? Shouldn't you have three or four backup boats in case the first one leaks?
Octavia Cubbins: So Captain Snout actually held up his end on something. Color me impressed.
Nothing's stopping you from sailing back to the mainland now. So why are you hanging around?
Don't worry about us ghosts. We got on fine on our own before, we can do it again.
But don't let that stop you from paying us a visit sometime, you hear me?
Patrice Furbac: Are the postcards that scream in my ears at night telling the truth? You're leaving?
I guess now that your boat's ready there's nothing more for you here, huh?
It'll be tough doing the rounds without you... but I respect your choice.
Though, I don't suppose you could take some outbound surface mail for me when you go...?
Pius of Grizz: I sense you have been freed from the earthly shackles binding you to this place.
Go, then. The great spirits will guarantee your safe travels!
Ted Sapsen: So you fixed your boat. Not bad. The ocean's got some great rock formations.
If you sink and die, come back with some rocks.
Ursula Pine: I'm so proud of you, love. Look at you, repairing a whole boat almost by yourself!
My garden and I will miss having you around. Come by any time, alright?
Valentina Oso-Fisher: It sounds like you and the Captain got your boat back in working order!
That's wonderful news! Now you can spread the word about Cozy Grove far and wide!
Be sure to mention that we have endless beautiful vistas and very affordable housing.
Should I commission a new visitor center? Maybe a luxury hotel...?
Oooh, this is so exciting! Safe travels when you go, my dear assistant!

Once the player talks to Flamey and chooses to sail home, a comic sequence will play with the Scout saying goodbyes to the island's residents, sailing out to the sea, and finally being greeted by their friends and presumably Scoutmaster Blake at home. The credits roll, and another comic sequence immediately follows, this time with the Scout returning on the island and the residents greeting them.


After the ending sequence is over, Flamey greets the player and gives them the following items:

The player also earns the Dependable Scout merit badge and is rewarded with 100 quartz gemstones.

The player can speak to resident bears again to greet them:

Allison Fisher: As soon as I saw your boat approaching I popped a fresh batch of cement muffins in the oven!
They're still a little gooey in the center, but I hope you like them!
Arjun Bhalla: Couldn't leave this place for long, eh, kid?
I don't blame ya. This island's got a way of growing on you.
Bearos the Third: So... It appears the foreign vessel brings not covetous marauders but good tidings!
Well-met once more, wily shade. Well-met indeed!
Bruin Tram: Wh-what are you doing back?! I saw you sail right off the edge of the map!
This is a setup by Roundearthers, isn't it? All to sell more globes!
Charlotte Pine: You're back! I didn't think I'd see you again so soon!
For some reason, we still haven't been seeing a lot of visitors.
But that means your old campsite is all ready for you! Make yourself at home!
Clyde Wallace: There's my rockstar assistant! I knew you couldn't stay away for long.
Too much money to be made, and not enough hours in the day to make it! Am I right or am I mega right?
Dalia of Cosgrove: It is said that 'True voyage is return.' To know home, one must bear witness to the world beyond its shores.
You have embodied that principle, young comrade. This island welcomes you once more.
Francesca DuClaw: Welcome home, little fauna!
That's not too presumptuous of me, is it? But it really does feel like you belong here now.
The trees are so excited, some of them have started bearing fruit early!
Jeremy Gruffle: I thought these goggles might've been playing tricks on me. You're really back?
Well, I'm still here for all your crafting needs!
Lee Berry Dennings: Well cook me up and sell me at the movies! You've come back!
And not a moment too soon. I'm in desperate need of restocking some essentials!
Octavia Cubbins: Hah, couldn't stay way too long, could you?
Well, I can't deny it's good to have you around again. Welcome back.
Patrice Furbac: There's my favorite Stamp Champ! Good to see you again!
Don't suppose you brought some mail with you over from the mainland? No...?
Pius of Grizz: You've returned. Do you come seeking spiritual nourishment, succor for your wayward soul?
If so, I would be glad to guide you in such matters, for a modest donation.
Ted Sapsen: You're back. Did you bring any rocks?
Ursula Pine: The triumphant Scout returns!
Welcome back, love. Everything's just as you left it!
Valentina Oso-Fisher: Oh perfect! You're back already!
I was having a terrible time hiring a new assistant. So few qualified applicants!
Now that you're here, we can get right back to work. Where's that signing pen...

The player can also speak to the Captain once they return to unlock his last memory and complete his story.

Captain: Avast! Look what's come in from the tides!
Seein' ye again has put a smile on my beak. SQUAWK!
Ye know... now that yer boat is back in operation, Cozy Grove is connected to the mainland again.
The ferry's long gone. I made my mistakes. I can't fix my story.
But I played my part, however small, in helpin' ye set things right.
Har! I'll raise a glass to that.
But just water, this time. I think I've had enough of grog.

With this, the Captain ascends and turns golden, his area will stay permanently lit and colored. The Captain will no longer give the player story quests; however, he will still occasionally give the player daily quests.

Version history[]

  • 3.1.0: Bears will now only have one piece of gossip per day.
  • 2.3.0: Converted Seagull Q21 to a hidden object quest instead of making the player wait for an item from Charlotte. Adjusted some quests with Seagull so the player can hand in rarer items than required if you wish.
  • 2.0.0: Added the option to hug Captain Billweather Snout after chatting with him twice. Added critter daily quest. Quests asking for animals now ask for young ones.
  • 1.8.0: Updated seagull Q12 to allow any rare or legendary fish.